Lonnie Haggard & Sam Shelton hiding from work.

KC Johnson of Dig-It Construction.


Lonnie, Joe and Sam will do anything to get their picture taken. They probably confiscated these fish from some unsuspecting fisherman. Take a good look at these three, they should have their pictures in the post office with numbers under them. Joe was about to be named Guru #2 until he came in with these small Sandys.

Eric Shelton
I catch bigger fish than Sam.
I suppose he is getting too old.

Bos is the man!

Arlene Haskins

Dale Eagon

Earl Bales

John Sthal & Crew measuring and counting fish.

Beat this McDaugle

Lance & Sam
Another day at the office 

Leon & (The Guru) Bos
This is just an everyday occurrence for Bos

Releasing fish from Christmas In July's
Fish Pond for kids.

OOPS Caught again
Don't ask how we caught these!

Roy Judd
Not quite big enough to mount!

I know those guys were around here awhile ago
cleaning fish.

Winners: Gene Copeland memorial fishing tournament April 2005